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At Olathe OBGYN we want to do everything possible to enhance each mother's health for a healthy outcome for baby as well.  In addition, we would like your pregnancy to be as comfortable and enjoyable an experience for you as possible.

In keeping with this philosophy, we at Olathe OBGYN want you to feel supported and well informed.  We work hard to make sure the latest information is available to you.  Screening tests and their pros and cons are offered and reviewed.   We monitor your progress carefully through the pregnancy.  We listen to our patients' needs and desires for their pregnancy and delivery.  Above all we want you to know that we are there for you and your baby.

Our choice for delivery is the Birth Place at Olathe Medical Center.  The labor nurses are dedicated to a safe, natural and relaxed atmosphere.  The entire Center is designed to welcome the new family to join together for each others support.



Pregnancy ultrasound

Each mother decides at the beginning of care her desire for ultrasound evaluation of the pregnancy. Early sonogram establishes the success of the pregnancy in achieving an intrauterine (not tubal) and viable heartbeat.

Most mothers request the second trimester sonogram to evaluate for growth, health of baby and placenta. Olathe OBGYN strongly believes that in-office ultrasound exams improve communication of this information and provides the convenience of one visit for sonogram and Doctor.

Always share questions or concerns with the staff or Doctor.



Planning your childbirth

One of the most thrilling and exciting times in your life will be the birth of your child. This life-changing event should be made as safe and pleasant as possible for both you and your baby. You take you and your baby’s cares seriously, so do we. The staff at Olathe OBGYN is driven to take your health care to the highest level possible. We will do what needs to be done!

Each woman’s labor is unique to her. There no fixed rules about how a family approaches their birth experience. A “birthing plan” is a great way to set the tone for your delivery. Flexibility on the “big day” will help the “baby’s plan” proceed smoothly.



In-office Pregnancy Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a method of imaging the fetus and pelvic organs.  The ultrasound machine works through high-frequency sound waves that reflect off the body structures and produce pictures.

1st trimester scans
may be performed to:

          •  Determine multiple pregnancies
          •  Determine fetal age
          •  Confirm a normal intra-uterine
          •  Rule-out abnormalities
          •  Assess fetal heart activity

2nd trimester scans
may be performed to:

          •  Determine fetal growth
          •  Assess placenta, amniotic fluid
          •  Identify congenital malformations

The number of scans will vary depending on previous scans detection that require follow up.



Vaginal birth after C-Section (VBAC)

Mothers delivering naturally after C-section should be reassured that VBAC has been successful for over 2 decades. In the 1980’s and 90’s the success rate was very high (75%) and the complications were rated at 1/1000. A new generation of labor induction agents came into use around year 2000. Soon thereafter, the rate of ruptured uterus increased to 1/100. Numerous hospitals, insurance companies and regulating agencies began to restrict VBAC.

The American College of OBGYN (ACOG) makes the following recommendations in order to minimize risks to the mother and the baby:

  • Close monitoring of the mother and baby’s condition

  • Delivering at an institution with in-house anesthesia and an Obstetrician available during active labor.

  • Limiting the number of previous C-sections to one

  • The old scar should be transverse

  • Waiting for spontaneous labor to occur

Both Olathe OBGYN and Olathe Medical Center satisfy ACOG’s recommendations for a successful VBAC delivery.

Good candidates for Vaginal delivery

  • Baby’s weight under 8.5 pounds

  • Singleton pregnancy, head-down presentation

  • Previous vaginal deliveries before or after the C-section

  • Normal weight of the mother

The national C-section rate is approaching one-out-of-three women. The need for VBAC will grow over the next few years. Consultation between Doctor and patient with careful consideration, decision-making and flexibility are keys to a successful VBAC delivery. Communication before, during and after the delivery is encouraged.



Cesarean Delivery

A Cesarean delivery or “C-section” is the delivery of the baby through an incision in the abdomen. C-section deliveries are nationally about 25-30% of pregnancies. There are many reasons deliveries result in C-section births; each has its’ own unique characteristics. The reasons for performing cesarean delivery can be categorized, but it should be recognized that often a combination of individual factors must be considered.

  • Women with medical factors

  • Condition of the fetus

  • Conditions of the mother/baby combination (baby too large for birth canal)

  • Condition of the afterbirth (placenta previa)

Dr. MacFarlane’s considers every possibility to provide for a healthy mother and healthy baby. In some instances, the cesarean delivery is decided upon before labor and vaginal delivery are ever started. Options are always presented and the mother and farther assist with the decisions.







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